The King's Table is an outreach program administering basic family needs and community care locally and abroad. Outreach events take place in an  effort to achieve all of the programs objectives and mission. The events, presented as a family gathering, whether held during breakfast, lunch or dinner time, take place at local restaurants in an attempt to provide financial support to the local community and small business owners.


The community at large is invited to have good food, fellowship, share good times, as well as get help in areas of need.  The ministry seeks sponsorship from community friends and partners to ensure there is plenty of room at The King's Table for all who will come.


Your sponsorship of at least $10 will provide 1 seat at The King's Table for someone in need. Please contact us directly if your restaurant would like to become a partner or if you would like to become an official sponsor of this event in your community. 


"The Body Of Christ is called to meet as a family not a formality".   ~Steve Simm


This ministry outreach program is serving children & families who are desperately in need of the basic necessities in life (food, clothing, clean water, and education) worldwide, and we need your help. Will you help us to share the love of Jesus in this season?


It takes only $3 to feed one person a meal at the event. Our goal is to share the love of JESUS, Salvation through Him, and Fish and Bread with countless people who live in disparity, as well as bless them with a portion of dried beans, rice, and wheat flour to take home with them.


A $50 contribution will purchase nearly 100 lbs of dried beans or 100 lbs of rice.


A contribution of $75 will purchase close to 100 lbs of wheat flour. We are in need of 1000 lbs of each item, each month.


Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated. Your contributions will help us demonstrate the Miracle Working Power of Jesus worldwide. 


Then he said to them, “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared;" ~Nehemiah 8:10


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